When people mention Murray, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Murray State University with its notoriety for having one of the best mid-major basketball programs in the Country with numerous Conference Championships and trips to the annual NCAA tournament. Those comments however are usually just the start. For a mid-sized community tucked away in the beautiful rolling hills and scenic waterways of West Kentucky, it is pretty amazing to find people from all over the world who have connections, and fond experiences, here in our beautiful community.

People are soon drawn to talking in the most positive terms about their experiences here and how much they would love to live here. It isn’t one simple thing that makes Murray and Calloway County attractive so much as the unique combination of factors that together contribute to a sense of life itself – a sense of what community really is. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we have affordable housing or two incredible schools systems or even consistently low crime. You see, Murray is the kind of place that can be what we, together want it to be. It’s a place where we still get excited about high school ball games, or our fantastic Christmas Parade where children still are overjoyed to see Santa. It’s a place where you have access to excellent local health care and shopping or you can hop in your car and be in the vibrant big City atmosphere of Nashville or even, as many of us do, pop in to St. Louis for a Cardinals Game.

In the final analysis, Murray and Calloway County is the kind of place you probably want to raise a family, build a career, get an education or even retire. It is the kind of place you want to be. It just feels like home.

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